Green Canyon enterprise which is based in Turkey and specialized on export of grains, pulses, oilseeds and it’s processing products. There are Green Canyon subsidiaries located in Ukraine with the main powerful base in Odessa as well. Our company operating with a wide range of agricultural commodities of Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and Moldavian origins all over the world. Being focused on a long-term cooperation and expanding the geography of our sales our team guarantee the high quality of the full service, as taking care of your cargo with survey companies (BIVAC, SGS, Cotecna ) and making full set of needed export documents for the cargo. For a long period we have an experience cooperating with Africa, Asia and Middle East whereby we guarantee providing as high quality service as possible. We're also maiking our own production line for processing agricultural commodities what make us proffessionals of our business and giving an ability to achieve any quality demands of our customers. You can contact us back with a following contact information